Dietitian Consult

Dietician consult

The counselling assists you to create a day to day diet plan, customized as per your body-type, health conditions, and BMI (Body mass index). Therefore, in case you are searching for losing some extra weight, improve your body’s immune system, manage Diabetes, improve heart’s health, control hypertension, enhance the growth of hair and skin, then we have the best diet consultation process available for you.

At Transform meal, the fitness expert Mr. Nitin Khandelwal will assist you to explore, identify and choose the most appropriate diet that is most suitable to your body. We provide counselling to athletes, sportsmen, working professionals, teens, individuals who are struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is extremely important for those who are suffering from heart illness, diabetes, obesity or any other lifestyle related disorder so that they can easily manage these health issues by eating nutritious healthy food at the right time which automatically helps them live a beautiful life.


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