Keto Diet

A diet plan that can transform your body


In case you wind up in a discussion about eating less food and losing weight, there are chances that you will hear about Keto Diet. There is a reason that Keto diet is one of the most sought after method in the world to shed the extra weight and promote good health. A recent study has indicated that choosing this high fat, moderate moderate in protein and low-carb meal plan can enhance the chances of fat loss and it can even improve some medical conditions such as diabetes and cognitive illness.


Keto Diet Basics

When you follow the Keto Deit, the carbs needs to be reduced to almost less than 50 Grams a day, fat should take place of the carbs cut and deliver upto 70% of the total calorie consumption. The protein content should be approx 20% of total energy requirements, whereas carbs are restricted to only 5%.


Best food items for ketogenic diet  

Eggs  – The whole eggs are the perfect meal.

Poultry – Includes chiken and turkey.

Fatty Fish – Salmon and Herring

Meat – Beef, pork and bison

Dairy Items –  Yogurt and butter.

Nuts – Almonds, walnuts, peanuts and Macadamia nuts.

Avocados – These can be added to any meal anytime.

Condiments –  Vinegar, salt Fresh herbs, spices and lemon juices.


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