Lean Muscle Mass

Building lean muscle mass while reducing body fat may not be an easy task, but a little bit of healthy meal and calculations and you will be driving towards gaining a whole new physique. You should aim to take about 3-4 Grams of proteins per kilogram of body-weight each day; whereas you need to reduce the carbohydrates intake to let your body gains the lean muscles you have been dreaming of. Let’s suppose, you have a body weight of 75 KG, you must get between 180 – 190 Grams of protein every day. You must be also consuming all the essential vitamins, minerals, fats that your body needs.

There may be different cases; you may be heavier, leaner or having more body fat than the muscle so you need to calculate accordingly what is the quantity of protein you need to reach your goals. There is a research from A&M Texas which indicated that people who ate 3 eggs per day for around 10 weeks while performing weight training almost gained twice muscle mass and strength gain as compared to those who ate 1 or less than 1 egg per day.

A study shows that green salad with a meal can greatly enhance the blood flow to the muscles during workout. Whey protein taken prior to the workout has been found to heighten the energy levels and stamina during exercise. Before going to bed, casein protein is very crucial and it can take up to 6-7 hours to digest. This way you will get steady amount of amino acids through the night, preventing the breakdown of muscles for the amino acids.


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