Terms & Conditions

We request you to please read the terms and conditions thoroughly before proceeding with any purchase and placing an order on our website. A person who subscribe to our website and order food through our site will be held accountable for unconditional affirmation with the terms and conditions. In case, if someone does not consent to these terms and conditions, he/she may opt to unsubscribe from the website and choose not to place any order online for the food purchase using the site. In our terms and conditions, the “you” or ” someone” is referred to the “end user” and the visitors of the website who are using the website and ordering transform meal using our online portal. Here, the “service providers” are referenced to third party vendors or the service providers and “we”, “our”, “us” means our team at Transformmeal.com.

Food Delivery Policy

We will deliver the package as per the requirements and in order to preserve the quality and taste the food must be quickly refrigerated until you are going to enjoy the great food. Moreover, there are no further extra charges with your plan subscription. The delivery person will contact you once he reaches at your destination location and will wait for 5 minutes max for you to receive the order. In case, you do no pick up the phone or your phone is not reachable, your order may get cancelled as well.

Refund process and Cancellation Policy

In any case, if you feel like you do not want to continue the website and want to unsubscribe from our site you can contact us at any point of time. We will initiate the refund request on the prorate basis before all the cancellation requests. Moreover, there will be extra 35% charges as the additional charges. These charges are due to the packaging cost and other resources that were utilized to process the order.

Food Allergies

We always create all the menu items by consulting with a dietician and nutritionist and we will always ask you about what you like to have in the means and discuss about food allergies. We will prepare the meal plan as per your preferences and we always thrive really hard to use the best methods and techniques to prevent cross contamination with your food order. There are food allergies that range from severe to mild. We always urge our customers to be cautious when placing the order from Transform meal to avoid any unwanted allergies. In case, if you are allergic to a specific food item and you are aware of the medical condition, kindly let us know at the time when you place your order.

Our Meal’s Shelf life

All the food items prepared by us must be consumed within 1-2 hours after they are delivered or in case you are not able to consume immediately after receiving your order, you can refrigerate your meal and then consume it whenever you feel comfortable. We won’t be liable for food tasting bad or smelling foul if it is not consumed as per our guidance.

Subscription and Payments

Once you place your order on this website, you will need to make the full payment for your food order upfront except the “cash on delivery” payment option. We will check and review your ordered food items and in case we find any difference in the amount you paid, we will have full authority to cancel your account and initiate the full refund of your order.


Contact Us

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