Weight Gain

You need to visualize the measurements of calories you take in versus the calories you burn. Generally, when you are taking in more calories than you burn, your body will gain weight. There are various factors responsible for that, such as your metabolism, hormones and gut bacteria. You need to aim for additional 300-500 Kcal /day for steady and effective gain. For more rapid weight gain, you can aim for extra 500-800 Kcal per day. Here are some food items that you can add to your everyday meal plan for gaining weight:

Almonds, Cashews, and Walnuts – you can sprinkle on your food, salads, smoothies, or yogurt.

Peanut butter – Add to oatmeal, sandwich, sauces etc.

Dried fruits – You can consume them through the day and pour them on cereal.

Milk cream, coconut milk – You can add to your coffee , oatmeal, potatoes.

Cheese – Use it with  salads, vegetables and pasta. Add it to wraps, rolls, sandwiches etc.

You need to eat meal more often like 6 times a day and use bigger plates to trick your brain into eating more. We recommend you to always eat healthy digestible snacks before going to bed. Adding fitness to weight gain can do wonders to your life as fitness plays significant role if you want to gain muscle weight. It also increases your appetite, which in turn requires you to eat more. Furthermore, exercise is a great way to build muscles and it helps in the prevention of heart diseases.


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